• Large scale culture and breeding fish
    Large scale culture and breeding fish5
    Tianzheng Group is the earliest and largest "land sea relay" breeding demonstration base and marine fish seed breeding base in China. It has more than 2000 mu of natural high-quality sea areas and 50000 square meters of indoor factory breeding/breeding workshops in Dalian, Liaoning, Caofeidian, Hebei and other places.
    Aquatic product processing
    Aquatic product processing6
    Tianzheng Group won the Innovation Achievement Award of China's Industry University Research Cooperation, was the leader of the provincial "typical substantive industry university research alliance", reserved more than 10 superior fish seeds for the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, and undertook a series of major scientific research projects under the "Blue Granary" national key research and development plan.
    International trade
    International trade7
    For more than 30 years, Tianzheng Industry has maintained the high-quality export of cultured puffer fish, and the trade is mainly oriented to Japan, South Korea and other countries. It is highly recognized by the domestic market of Japan and has a high market share. It has won the honor of high-quality puffer fish for many times. The annual import and export trade volume exceeds 20 million dollars.
    Standardized breeding mode
    Standardized breeding mode
    Tianzheng Group actively fulfills its social responsibility, adopts the breeding production mode of "enterprise+base+farmer+standardization", combines farmers with the market, realizes the integrated operation of "breeding, breeding, processing and marketing", and drives farmers to become rich together.
    Meng XuesongGroup Chairman

    Chairman of Dalian Tianzheng Group, Visiting Professor of Dalian Ocean University, Senior Engineer of Professor Researcher Level, Executive Vice President of Fugu Branch of China Fishery Association. He was awarded the "National Labor Medal for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Conservancy (Industry)" and was awarded the "Leader of Contemporary Chinese Fishery Enterprises".

    The wind vane of the development of puffer fish industry in China!

    He graduated from Dalian Fisheries College in 1986 and was honored as "Mr. Fuffer of China". He carried out the introduction of pure species of red finned puffer fish and the improvement of its germplasm, initiated the technology of poison control breeding of puffer fish in China, and established a standardized system for the breeding/processing of red finned puffer fish. To promote the opening of the domestic puffer fish market, he is the chief ambassador for the spread of Chinese puffer fish food culture, to build the "whole industry chain of Chinese puffer fish", to be the founder of the China Japan Korea puffer fish seminar, and to be the wind vane for the development of Chinese puffer fish industry.

    Won several national patents and awards

    Research and develop live fish transport ships and fully automatic live fish transport vehicles, and successfully achieve international trade in live fish exports; Research and develop deep-water anti wind wave metal cage, and establish the "land sea relay" breeding mode. It has won a number of national patents, the second prize of the National Ocean Engineering Award, the first prize of the Ministry of Education, the first prize of Liaoning Province Marine Fisheries Contribution Award and a number of municipal science and technology awards.


    Dalian Tianzheng Fisheries Co., Ltd. was established


    Take the lead in becoming a provincial pilot unit for puffer fish feeding


    Started to hold an international seminar on river dolphin fish in China, Japan and South Korea


    Established Dalian Tianzheng Industry Co., Ltd


    Qingdao Science and Technology Second Prize


    Two Second Prizes of Dalian Science and Technology


    ① Report the current situation of puffer fish export industry to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, call for opening the domestic market, and obtain the instructions from Vice Premier Li Keqiang

    ② Second/Third Prize of Dalian Science and Technology


    It was rated as a provincial key leading enterprise


    ① Apply to the Ministry of Health for breeding Fugu rubra as a "new food raw material" and obtain administrative approval

    ② It was rated as a national high-tech enterprise;


    ① Prepare regulatory measures for red flag puffer for the Ministry of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration

    ② "Tianzheng Fugu" won the title of "National Geographic Indication Protection Product"

    ③ Prepare the national standard for the breeding and processing of red flag puffer fish and issue it;


    Prepare the source area management measures for breeding red flag puffer for the Ministry of Agriculture


    ① It was approved by the National Standardization Commission as the National Modern Agricultural Standardization Demonstration Zone

    ② Won the second prize of National Marine Engineering Science and Technology Award

    ③ Won the title of "China Famous Trademark" by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce


    First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Education


    ① To promote the Ministry of Agriculture and the State Food and Drug Administration to send a letter on the Conditional Release of the Processing and Operation of Cultured Red Fin Fugu and Cultured Fugu obscurus (NBY [2016] No. 53)

    ② Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture as the source base and processing enterprise of red fin puffer

    ③ First Prize of Liaoning Marine Fishery Science and Technology Contribution

    ④ Second prize of Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award

    ⑤ Won the first prize of Dalian Science and Technology Progress Award;


    ① Strategic cooperation with Japanese Shimonoseki Tanghu fish market

    ② The Puffer Dream, the most popular popular science reading of puffer fish, came out


    ① Applied by the government of Jinpu New Area, Tianzheng was awarded the title of "China's high-quality puffer fish hometown"

    ② Digital agriculture construction pilot program passed


    ① Fan Li Science and Technology Excellence Award

    ② First prize of Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award


    ① Listed as a national key living material guarantee enterprise

    ② "Vegetable Basket" Production Base in Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area

    ③ Co organized the Chaofeidian Puffer Fish Food Festival in Tangshan, Hebei

    ④ Won the second prize of marine engineering science and technology

    ⑤ Won the first prize of Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award;


    ① It was rated as a national key leading enterprise

    ② Cooperation with Shandong University in "Production, Learning and Research"

    ③ Muhai Subsidiary passed the acceptance of improved seed farm


    • ISO9001 international certification

    • China HACCP system certification

    • National key leading enterprises

    • National high-tech enterprises

    • Well known trademark in China

    • Modern fishery seed industry demonstration farm

    • Aquatic health breeding demonstration farm

    • National recreational fishery demonstration base

    • National Integrated Standardization Demonstration Area of Fugu rubra Breeding

    • Farming puffer fish processing enterprises

    • Source base of cultured puffer fish

    01Research Institute of Marine Biological Resources Development and Utilization, D
    02Dalian Popular Science Base
    03Research Center for Engineering Technology of Rare Marine Fish Seedlings and Dis
    04Provincial leading unit of "typical substantive industry university research all
    • Core values
      Integrity, professional responsibility, win-win, life and struggle!
    • Tianzheng Vision
      Build a Chinese puffer fish brand, create an international first-class puffer fish industry chain, and become an international first-class fishery enterprise.
    • Tianzheng Mission
      Explore the ocean for the benefit of mankind!


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