• Modern fishery base

    Tianzheng Group has set up modern fishery bases in Dalian and Tangshan, respectively with large circulating aquaculture and breeding workshops. The circulating aquaculture system cited by Tianzheng Group is characterized by modernization, high density, high yield, energy conservation and environmental protection. It is a scientific and technological aquaculture environmental protection project jointly developed by Tianzheng Group and Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute.

    The recirculating aquaculture system is designed to use a fully enclosed bacteria control workshop, which is particularly advanced in water flow pattern control, light and heat control, wall insulation, bacteria control, etc. It can achieve efficient and high-yield environmental aquaculture. Each cubic meter of water can breed more than 35 kilograms of rare marine fish, which is more than 300% higher than the traditional factory aquaculture efficiency, and achieve a true sense of high density. At the same time, the clean technology based on biological filtration has also greatly reduced the sewage discharge.

    Lei Jilin, a researcher of the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences and an academician of the CAE Member, spoke highly of the recycling aquaculture of Tianzheng puffer fish: Tianzheng's aquaculture model is fully developed in accordance with the concept of "industrial aquaculture", and will certainly become a model for the national aquaculture industry to promote "industrial aquaculture" and build a modern fishery.

    Dalian Daheishi Modern Fishery Base

    Covering an area of 40000 square meters

    35000 square meters factory breeding workshop

    Tangshan Muhai Modern Fishery Base

    Covering 87000 square meters of land for agricultural facilities

    More than 20000 square meters of factory aquaculture workshop has been built, 5000

    More than square meters of breeding workshop

    Marine Ranch

    Tianzheng Group's two major marine ranches, located in Jinzhou New Area of Dalian City and Guanglu Island of Changhai County, belong to the deep-water area of the Yellow Sea. The deep-water anti wind wave cage used is a deep-water anti wind wave metal cage that meets the conditions of the northern sea area of China based on the original Japanese cage. Tianzheng Group owns the full independent intellectual property rights of the cage, integrating energy conservation, environmental protection, beauty and standardized breeding, It is one of the most advanced marine cage facilities in China.

    With international standards, the marine ranch of Tianzheng Group is a famous marine cage breeding base, and was rated as the "National Leisure Fishery Demonstration Base" in 2013. The marine ranch of Tianzheng Group mainly cultivates red finned puffer fish, yellow minnows and black fish. It grows naturally in the natural sea area, and its quality is not inferior to that of wild fish. The annual output of red finned puffer fish and other valuable marine fish is more than 2000 tons.

    Dalijiahai Netbox Breeding Base

    Dalijiahai Netbox Breeding Base

    Guanglu Island Marine Cage Breeding Base

    The sea area is about 2000 mu

    Number of cages: more than 300

    Main breed

    Paralichthys olivaceus
    Yellow Striped Seriola
    Takifugu rubripes
    Scophthalmus maximus
    Sebastes schlegeli