• After being banned for 26 years, puffer fish is expected to return to the common
    "Conditionally liberalizing the production and operation of cultured puffer fish" held a hearing in Beijing, focusing on soliciting opinions from all sectors of society on the Notice on Conditionally liberalizing the production and operation of cultured puffer fish jointly issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the State Food and Drug Administration. The reporter learned that this time, the market of ********** was not open, but the varieties were strictly restricted, mainly two varieties that had been fully mature and accumulated through more than 20 years of experience, namely, the red finned oriental dolphin and the dark finned oriental dolphin. ​...
    [Liaoning News] The "safe" puffer fish is expected to return to the table
    "Artemisia selengensis is full of short reed buds, which is just when the puffer fish wants to go..." As a traditional delicacy, puffer fish is regarded as a dangerous food because of its toxins. In April this year, the Ministry of Agriculture and other three ministries and commissions jointly issued the notice of "conditionally liberalizing the production and operation of cultured puffer fish",...
    Liaotai's "The Land of Guandong" Program Visits the Way of Puffer's Fame in Tian
    On December 29, 2015, Dalian Tianzheng Industry Co., Ltd., a famous puffer fish enterprise, was introduced into the program of the Life Channel of Liaoning Radio and TV Station, "The Great Land of Guandong", to reveal the secrets of the unique industrial road of the fish farming, processing, cooking, etc. in the Tianzheng River...
    CCTV - 2 Exclusive Interview with Dalian Tianzheng Puffer
    At 19:25 on August 20, Tianzheng puffer fish landed on two sets of CCTV's "Consumption Proposition" programs, which mainly introduced that Tianzheng farmed puffer fish had been ********. A few days ago, the reporter from the program team came to Dalian Tianzheng Group to make an exclusive interview on the breeding and catering of red finned puffer in our company...
    Tianzheng Landing on the News and Finance Channel of Tokyo Television
    On December 17, 2014, a reporter from Tokyo Television came to Tianzheng Company for an exclusive interview. The interview mainly focused on the impact of yen depreciation on puffer fish exports and other puffer fish trade issues, which was broadcast on WBS WORLD BUSINESS SATELLITE of Tokyo Television on December 22. ​