• Tianzheng Industry was rated as a national key leading enterprise
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    After the expert review organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the deliberation and publicity of the National Joint Conference on Agricultural Industrialization, 412 national key leading enterprises in the seventh batch of agricultural industrialization were identified, and Dalian Tianzheng Industry Co., Ltd. was on the list.

    Dalian Tianzheng Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, is a large modern enterprise group integrating seedling industry, aquaculture, aquatic processing, international trade, live fish logistics, scientific research and development and other industries.

    Since the "11th Five Year Plan", he has presided over or participated in more than 10 national, provincial and ministerial key scientific research projects, including the "863" plan, national science and technology support, the "Blue Granary" project, and Liaoning major scientific research projects. He has presided over the preparation of 38 national and local standards, has 16 national patents, 4 scientific and technological achievements, and won the first prize of Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, the first prize of the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award 14 provincial and ministerial honorary awards including the second prize of National Marine Engineering Science and Technology Award.

    The enterprise has 4 breeding farms, 2 processing plants, import and export trade, domestic sales and catering companies, with an annual total operating income of more than 200 million yuan. Every year, tens of millions of rare marine fish fry, such as red finned puffer fish, flounder, black fish and so on, are bred, and the aquaculture output is more than 2000 tons, of which the aquaculture product "Tianzheng puffer fish" accounts for more than 50% of the total live fish and processing exports of the country.